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Schneider Electric Pack of 6 RCCB ID K 2P 63A 100mA AC SKU-AECMCB-A9KR12263BQ

Manufacturer: Schneider electric
Residual Current Circuit Breaker or RCCB is a type of circuit breaker that ensures electrical protection and prevents accidents, deaths and other mishaps. This device senses current and interrupts low voltage circuits in case of faults by disconnecting the primary circuit within seconds.Schneider Electric are professional-grade RCCBs that provide optimum safety with long and reliable service.
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  • Schneider Electric
Model Name
  •  RCCB ID 2P 63A 100mA AC-type
Current Rating Range
  • 63 A
Number of Poles
  • 2
Curve Characteristics
  • C Curve
Mounting Type
  • Vertical
DIN Rail Mount Type
  • 22 mm
Suitable For
  • Home, Hotel, Offices
Prevention Capability
  • Yes
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