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Manufacturer part number: BT31FC
Manufacturer: BlackT
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360-Degree Detection Range: The BT31FC Motion Sensor Switch has a 360-degree detection range, providing full coverage and ensuring that no motion goes undetected. Adjustable Time Delay: The time delay for the motion sensor switch is adjustable, with options ranging from 10 seconds to 7 minutes, allowing for flexibility in customization. Suitable for a Variety of Loads: The motion sensor switch is compatible with different types of loads, including incandescent lamps, LED lights, CFLs, and fans, with a maximum load capacity of 1200 watts. Adjustable Ambient Light: With an adjustable ambient light feature ranging from 3 to 2000, the BT31FC Motion Sensor Switch can be customized to turn on lights only when it's dark, conserving energy and enhancing convenience. High-Quality Performance: The BT31FC Motion Sensor Switch has a detecting distance of up to 7 meters and motion detection speed of 0.6~1m/s, ensuring reliable and high-quality performance. 6 Warranty: The BT31FC Motion Sensor Switch comes with an 18-month manufacturer warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of quality.