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Havells , LUNA LED JB DOWNLIGHT 6 W 3 K/4 K/6 K/R/G/B/P/A

Manufacturer: HAVELLS
Product Description The Havells Luna Downlight is an innovatively designed LED downlighter that offers highly efficient and modern LED lighting. It is specifically designed to blend seamlessly with the interiors of residential and commercial spaces. Here are some key details about the Havells Luna Downlight:
Old price: ₹ 280.00
₹ 149.99
The Luna Downlight is available in different color temperatures, such as  3000K , 4000K and 6000K, allowing you to choose the desired lighting effect.
It is a premium quality product from Havells, a well-known brand in the lighting industry.
You can find the Havells Luna Downlight and other Havells products on various e-commerce platforms