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Build your own powerful social network for your tradeshow visitors

Develop your business prospects by building your own social network of the tradeshow visitors. Globally promote your business by conducting online tradeshow & events. Integrate campaigning events, polls and surveys on social networking sites, websites and other platforms. Transform your short span opportunities to business leads by doing on- time follow ups and direct communications. Create communities and build powerful social network of your tradeshow visitors.

Tradeshow – an easy to use portal. Put technology and work together, carry out discussions, invite participants, get their views and know yourself better to grow better.

Plexora helps you organize & manage your entire sale promotions and social interactions.

Smartly manage your promotional events for multiple geo-locations:-
  • Bring audiences to your business by building your own business networks.
  • Conduct versatile online marketing events.
  • Connect your events to the social platforms.
  • Automatic scheduling and launching of the events.
  • Connect better & communicate better by building groups/ communities of event participants.
  • Integrating Sales and Marketing Activities.
  • Collaborate polls, Surveys to Social networking sites.
  • Conduct multiple surveys, polls and marketing campaigns with respect to the market segments.
  • Know yourself better by researching and analyzing the results.
  • Always be connected to your business

    Have the current & latest information on your fingertips with Plexora IOS app and be on the top of your game with your business relationships.

    Follow your business in every situation

    Always Keep Buildingsteps Plexora CRM in your pocket and take all the chances to hit every business opportunity without any miss.

    Plexora businesses - Globally Accessible

    Plexora iPhone/ipad app is there to help you access & track your business activities from anywhere at any time.

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    Note:Select a plan and choose to pay on monthly/annual basis.


    • 10 Users + 20 Guest
    • 1 GB
    • 1000 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts


    • 25 Users + 50 Guest
    • 2 GB
    • 2500 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts


    • 50 Users + 100 Guest
    • 3 GB
    • 5000 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts


    • 100 Users + 200 Guest
    • 4 GB
    • 10000 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts


    • 250 Users + 500 Guest
    • 5 GB
    • 25000 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts


    • 500 Users + 1000 Guest
    • 50 GB
    • 50000 Contacts
    • Unlimited mail blasts
    Customized packages are also available as per client requirements.