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Manage complex workflows

Plexora CRM helps you improve your sales, marketing, and customer management functions, by allowing you to integrate and consolidate your sales and promotions. You can easily access your product inventory, product leads, and other product activity to get a clear idea of the progress.

You can carry out phone campaigns, email campaigns, and fax or SMS campaigns. You can also conduct promotional and marketing events.

Furthermore, you can analyze the market for effective business opportunities with polls or surveys and track responses to generate reports.

Plexora CRM allows you to integrate all your promotional, marketing, or survey events to your website and social networking sites.

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Plexora helps you organize & manage your entire sales process automatically.

Effectively converts leads into business revenues with:-

  • simple and quick follow ups.
  • Automatic event scheduling.
  • Integrating Sales and Marketing Activities.
  • Conducting research and analysis and integrating social media.
  • Bring audiences to your business by building your own business networks.
  • Automating your purchase and invoicing process.
  • Marketing automation through Email Marketing and phone Campaigns.
  • Centralized documentation management.
  • Building up and style your websites & forms for promotions and advertisements.