User Management

With Buildingsteps’ user management software solution, you will have complete authority over your user management systems, which will help you efficiently manage, control, and monitor user activities.

Opportunities associated with User Management Software

Control all your user accounts from one common platform. Our user management module allows the administrator to create, observe, and manage all user accounts within the business network. Centralized account management also allows the administrator to respond to important issues immediately at any given time and location.

>Our user management system is extremely secure and easily tracks and reports network activities. The administrator holds the right to respond to any user's action on the network. Every user is given unique non-traceable login credentials and is held responsible for all activity within the business network.

With our user management system, you can permit or restrict any user from accessing certain project related content. Only certain responsible authorities have the ability to perform all activities within the network.

All activity on the network can be monitored by a designated administrator. The user management system allows you to choose from different types of filters to track user activities. You can track every user's activity related to different projects, user IDs and documentation.

Access rights are automatically assigned to a user account once it is created based on its role and designation. However, special rights can be provided to a user account by following a required approval process. This way, our user management system enables you to customize different access rights for users with similar roles.

Every account can be activated or deactivated by the administrator when required by the business process.

Automatic role management systems are also present within our user management systems. Access rights can be changed or modified as roles and responsibilities of individual users change.