Online time tracking Software

With our thoroughly researched and powerfully designed Time Management and tracking building block, you can measure your team’s commitment to projects, assist with time management to help you plan effectively and improve productivity. It enables you to analyze demand, time, and cost more effectively.

Opportunities associated with Time Management

Using out calendar tool, you can store all your project and event schedules in a common centralized location. Everyone involved in the project can get a comprehensive overview of the created projects. They can set up tasks, events, deadlines, and alerts for delayed objectives through our online time tracking software.

With our time tracking software, you can get a detailed breakdown of the activities completed through the course of the project. The start and end date of the tasks can be recorded. In addition, the timesheet entries are complied, which enables you to generate detailed task reports of a project when required. Time management modules also gives you the opportunity to log details daily or weekly.

Buildingsteps’ time tracking software automatically filters out billable and non-billable hours. You can then calculate the time spent on billable tasks and charge clients accordingly.

With our time tracking software, you can establish an approval process for your timesheet entries with regards to a change in the task status. Buildingsteps’ online time tracking software filters out the respective entries for approval.

With our time tracking software, you can notify all the participants of an event with a single click. All you have to do is create an event, mention the name, participants, date, place, and time of the event. Every participant will be notified immediately.