Task Management

Make time with our Task Management Software.

Effectively manage your to-do list anywhere at anytime with our task management software. You can now access tasks and track milestones without missing deadlines.

Opportunities with Task Management Software

When you allocate the tasks with our task management software, assignees will be notified automatically. You can easily assign, track, plan, and manage all your project tasks from one centralized and easy-to-access location.

Milestones help you mark important points through the course of your project like the start and end date, project reviews, budget etc. This allows you to add significant value to your project’s progress and ensure that you do not lose sight of major progress points.

Buildingsteps’ Task Management Software manages your task follow-ups, reminders, and conversations with email systems and ensures that you are always up-to-date with the status of your tasks. The software makes sure that you complete your assigned tasks and milestones on time by constantly reminding you what needs to be done based on your task list.

You can integrate every assigned task with our software. When a member completes a task or makes any change to an overdue task; the status of the related tasks auto update and the responsible authorities are notified immediately.

With our Task Management Software you can manage shared tasks effectively and safely by granting access to responsible team members. Only authorized team members will be able to access, create, share, and update the task list. Every team member will be notified automatically when changes are made to the task list.

With Buildingsteps Task Management Software you will get regular notifications regarding the projects in progress, ensuring timely completion. We make sure that no project is unattended to or is overdue.

With the reporting functionality of our software, you can manage your deadlines efficiently. You will get a consolidated view of all your open and closed tasks, details of milestones, and the importance of each task in a given project so that you can strategize accordingly.

With our Task Management Software, you can now establish an approval process for timesheets to streamline approvals and billing. All unapproved entries are displayed as notifications in red on the timesheet icon inside the respective project. Timesheet entries can be approved individually or in bulk.

Our software allows you to record the number of working hours spent on each assigned task with the help of a timer. After completing the task, you can stop the timer, and the entries are automatically logged in the timesheet. You can log time for tasks everyday or on a weekly basis and easily calculate the billable and non-billable hours for any project.

Subtask are used to split up the parent task into a number of child tasks that can be assigned and tracked separately in each project. Splitting tasks into smaller tasks i.e. work breakdown structure often provides a better picture of the project progress.

With our Task Management Software, you can view tasks in more than one style. You can view tasks in Classic View, Plain View, Kanban View, Dependency View, and Gantt View. The different views help you look at tasks through various perspectives and provide a distinct status of the project deliverables.

With our software, you can update task selectively or in bulk. In Classic View, you can close tasks, set priorities, change the task owner, and move tasks from one task list to another. In Plain View, you can close tasks, set priorities, and change the task owner.

In any project, a task's start date, end date, start time, end time, and duration is calculated based on its Business Hour configuration. Through the Business Hours settings, you can view weekends, holidays, and non-business hours to stay informed about working days or hours of your resources. You can use this information to automatically set a reminder for a task to the previous business day if the deadline falls on a weekend.