Collaborate socially & strategize your enterprise engagement profitably

With Buildingsteps' social collaboration software, you can create a personalized social networking platform for your business to share ideas with your teams, business partners, and specific target markets.

Opportunities with Social Collaboration module

Improve your communication process by connecting with the desired audience through our social collaboration module. You can team up and discuss issues with the right audience in any Buildingstep domain.

With our disperse domain integration concept, you can securely access all the information present on different business domains without having to switch between them.

We ensure the security and integrity of all our business domains by monitoring domain activities and taking immediate actions against threats or illegal activity. We ensure that the domain can only be accessed by approved authorities and consider any attempt made to access the domain by an unapproved authority as a threat to security.

Increase your visibility by broadcasting on the global broadcast platform: the world wide web with our highly integrated solution platform. This social collaboration system is integrated with the most popular social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc.

Our social collaboration module allows you to instantly invite members of your target audience to your social network. You can also easily send invites to a large number of email addresses with just a few clicks, either by importing an entire email list or by using the copy email address tool to add individual members of the target audience.

Every invitation that is sent out is followed up with a registration process, in which invitees provide essential information required to be a part of your business network.