Marketing analysis and research Solution

Connect effectively to the competitive business markets with Buildingsteps’ Marketing Analysis and Research Solution. You can analyze dynamic trends and the latest preferences related to products with our solution, as Buildingsteps’ survey software automatically interprets data and provides precise conclusions.

Opportunities associated with Marketing analysis and research Solution

With Buildingsteps’ online survey solutions, you can create surveys and questionnaires and distribute them to an unlimited number of customers. You can use either the build-in survey templates or customize own survey template. Our solution allows you ask upto 30 questions and use various built-in color themes to create surveys.

With our market analysis and research solution, you can use the power of online polling and conduct surveys for your products, services, or businesses. Our polling survey solutions collect and analyze the responses, formulate conclusions and present them in the form of interpretable reports that help you devise effective business strategies.

You can use our survey tools to collect responses from unlimited survey participants through the internet.

Our market research and analysis solution tools are extremely intelligent; they automatically interpret survey responses and provide conclusions in the form of summaries, graphs, and tables. This market intelligence software has the ability to export conclusions for future references and strategies.

Through our Market Intelligence Software, you can integrate your polls and surveys with social media and target a large number of customers easily. All you have to do is integrate the poll or survey campaign and send it to the social accounts of all your desired customers.

Our marketing analysis and research solution offers mass mailing services and gives you the opportunity to send surveys via email to a large number of email accounts.

You can communicate effectively and collaborate productively with your team members through Buildingsteps’ project feed solution. Our solution is easy to navigate through and facilitates image uploading so that you can share your ideas visually. You can also track progress, upload files, and assign tasks in an interactive manner.