Documentation Management

Take an opportunity to manage and share your documents quickly with few clicks of mouse, with our buildingsteps digital document management solution module. We offer customized solutions wherein you can store, retrieve, secure, organize and share your documents as per your organization preferences and policies.

Prospects of Documentation Management block

Buildingsteps document management supports a wide range of file formats .It allows you to share files with your team in selective manner. Whether it is sharing a company policies with the employees or a project document to shared with e…….. Buildingsteps can be very helpful and effective.

With our documentation management block you can access your documents at anytime, from anywhere with any device.

Get instant results to your document search and retrieve queries and save extra overhead cost by using our paperless document management solution.

Share your documents instantly with users and group of users. They can view and give their suggestions in the form of comments. You can also check the report to find out who all have reviewed the documents so far.

Share your documents with only the intended parties by using”no share policy”. This will restrict others from reading, writing and downloading the documents.

Take the opportunity to monitor every document publication wherein you can establish an approval process for any document for its authenticity before publishing it. You have both the options to either publish documents freely or via approval .