Website solution

You can build search engine friendly web pages with Buildingsteps’ website solutions. You can self design micro web pages according to the different functional requirements within an existing website. Every page that you make will be assigned a separate URL and provide specific information. You can complement your websites with the power of microsites and highlight your new product or promotional launch. You can instantly build dynamic content, dynamic forms, schedule meetings and easily integrate these custom web pages to websites or social media.

Micro Websites

Use our built-in SEO friendly website designing solution and create engaging micro web pages with separate URLs from home page. You can also integrate dynamic forms or publish promotional products offers.

Search Engine Optimization

Every page that you design is SEO friendly and is qualified to compete with other websites on the internet because of their effective indexing.

Dynamic forms

You can instantly create dynamic forms with Plexora’s Dynamic forms solutions. You can use the dynamic form generator tool, create multiple dropdowns, and other information boxes in the forms as per the business requirement. You can ensure that users provide all the essential information by marking certain fields mandatory.

Social media Integration

You can share dynamic forms on social networking sites and improve audience participation.

Publish Forms as WebPages

You can publish dynamic forms as separate web forms or integrate it into websites, social networking sites or other platforms, using the HTML automatic code generation strategy.

Automatic Form Validation

You can automatically validate your forms with Plexora’s automatic validation system. Plexora’s in-built validation system checks the form entries to ensure they are in the appropriate format.