We build your business solution according to your business.

Buildingsteps is a multi device platform available on the web & IOS.
Buildingsteps has built different modular softwares which are tightly integrated on an Enterprise Social Networking platform. Every designed module works with each other. These modular elements include Project Management, CRM, Email marketing, Micro websites, Email integration to database & many more.

Emails to database integration system allow Emails to sync with Databases, enabling users to access emails on Buildingsteps platform. Using these modules a customer solution can be developed for your business with following process

Our fundamentals to develop customized solutions for your business are

  • • Define the flow & functionalities to us according to your business processes.
  • • Our expert team will analyze the business process & develop the best suited solution, architectured for your businesses.
  • • Once you review and approve, our team will quickly put together the customized solution.

Specific Request For Customization

Select Features

Features list
Project Management
Task management
Group Management
Event Management
Ask Questions
Microsites & Microsite Templates
Billing(Invoices and PO)
Expense Reports
Dynamic Forms
Bulk Emails
Transactional Email
Email Campaigns
Phone Campaigns
Fax Marketing
SMS Marketing
Marketing Automation
Content Management
Pull Marketings

Once we receive your message we will respond as soon as possible.

*Note- As we already have this solution build, the turnaround time to get this solution delivered is very short. We have cut down the time to delivery; because we have spent extensive amount of time in delivering these solutions.