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Software building blocks for your business operations

Grow your sales, profits and productivity through collaboration and enterprise social interactions.

Building Blocks of Buildingsteps

Every business is unique and Buildingsteps can cater to the unique needs of business. Integrate all your business needs and own a personalized & all-in-one business solution for your company.

  • User Management
  • Permission & Configuration
  • Task Tracking
  • Group Invite
  • Individual Invite
  • Integrate social media
  • Tracking
  • Regular Notification
  • Task Assignment
  • Document Sharing
  • Document For Approval
  • Different Category of Doc's

  • Calendar and Events
  • Track time taken for task
  • Timesheet report
  • Invoice / PO
  • Billing Reports
  • Payment History
  • Survey, Polls, Event & Feeds
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mass Mail & Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email / Phone Campaigns
  • Report by Activity / Users
  • Report by Product
  • Survey / Email Reports

  • Who can use Buildingsteps Business Solution?

    Buildingsteps is versatile software and can be customized to every business need. This can be used by any size of company including non profits. Create and manage unlimited communities of employees, business partners, users & members with Buildingsteps. Following portals are build by using building blocks of Buildingsteps; for different verticals. Buildingsteps enables creating many more such vertical solutions and please click here to select about your verticals or business ideas.

    Our Ready to use Buildingsteps Business solutions are:-


    Plexora CRM service

    Conduct tradeshows and events. Interact with your customers in a more meaningful manner. Follow through the leads generated from trade shows and events to get higher results. Integrate campaigning events on various social networking sites and different platforms.                                                                                    



    Buildonnet Project Management service

    Buildonnet is an all in one project management suite providing user management, task & milestones, timesheets, social integrations & much more.                                                                                                                                                                             



    MailRail Email Marketing Service

    Marketing solution including Email, Fax and SMS marketing, Contact management, tracking emails, campaign management, reporting, polls, surveys, custom templates and market research.                                                                                                                          



    CRM Solutions

    Enterprise CRM software for customer relationship management. Manage phone, Email, Fax, SMS and Event marketing campaigns. Roles based transferring responsibilities for people to follow ups. Visibility across different marketing channels and much more.                                                                        


    Website Solutions

    Website Solutions

    Build search engine friendly websites for different verticals with different functionalities like -scheduling meetings, building forms, dynamic content, and job postings. Instantly build dynamic forms and integrate it with micro website, other websites and Social Medias. Import response results and analyze the market response.



    Customize your business solutions

    Choose from extensive list of modular elements which can quickly be customized for your business needs. Choose the module, and let us customize to serve the needs of your business.                                                                                                                                                                                           


    Detailed Feature & classification are as follows





    Project Management
    Task Management
    Group Management
    Event Management
    Ask Questionary
    Microsites & Microsite Templates
    Billing(Invoice & PO)
    Expense Reports
    Dynamic Forms
    Bulk Mails
    Transactional Email
    Email Campaigns
    Phone Campaigns
    Fax Marketing
    SMS Marketing
    Content Management
    Extra Features:
    *Reports:Measure the success rates of your marketing campaigns on diversified platforms. Get comprehensive phone call reports on answered and unanswered calls. Know the customer response to your email campaigns with detail reports on open & bounced mails and much more.
    *Pull marketing:Our experts will diagnose your business performance by sending brief performance reports on various business processes such as billing reports, expense reports, seo reports and much more. You can get in touch with our team to get the wide- detailed view of your business performance.
    *Marketing Automation: Effectively market on multiple channels (like Email, Fax and phone) with our automated marketing solution. Handle your transactional emails (like Billings, Invoices, Pending statements, Order Processing, Payments requests & Follow-ups) with our bulk mailing solution. Automate your routine marketing activities like- conducting Email/Phone/Fax marketing campaigns, auto responders, Follow ups, reminders & much more.

    Collaborative Business tools for High Performing Companies

    CRM, HRM, Sales, Marketing, Billing, Invoicing, Memberships, Modules, Built on Enterprise Social Network.

    Choose Your business solution with Buildingsteps


    Requirement of business solutions change with the change of business environments. So, accordingly you can choose right business module. Work with dispersed team using an Enterprise Social Networking platform which is well integrated with different elements of business.

    Configure your business solution with Buildingsteps


    Buildingsteps solution is cloud based, easy to configure, self manageable and does not require any local installation. No Installation is required, no maintenance is required. All you have to do is – Sign Up, Configure

    Explore your business solutions with BuildingSteps


    Approach every business prospect by using Building steps. Conduct Email, fax or phone marketing campaigns, Polls & surveys, Manage your Transactional emails, Billings, Invoices, social Interactions and much more.

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